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I'm a networking newbie. I'd love any thoughts about how to connect up a new switch I'm getting.

My scenario

Modem & Router are upstairs where I have connected some smart home hubs (SmartThings, Arlo, Philips Hue). I don't have much storage for all of these hubs and would like to move them downstairs.

Downstairs I have a space to store/hide these hubs, but also have Xbox One, AppleTV. They are located close to my RE 355 Range Extender and I could plug an Ethernet cable into a switch and then have all of the devices connect to my home network via the Switch/Extender connection.

I have the RE 355 connected to an Archer C7 Router on the 5Ghz band only. I think this would work okay, but I'm not sure a switch going to the extender is viable or if the switch really needs to be connected directly the router.