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    Is there a remote key available for the Smart Plug?

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    A key that could be left on a coffee table or bedside that will activate the lights\switches? This would a device to use without getting the cell phone out to activate a switch. Are there any plans if it is not available?

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    As far as I know, no, at this time. I have an Echo Dot in my bedroom. I just say "Alexa, turn light on" etc, which also works better than fumbling in the dark for a switch or remote. Lutron makes a small remote "Caseta) that costs about $20, but it won't work with TP Link. I have one linked to my Wink Hub and controlling Cree Connected bulbs.
    As a low tech solution-before I got Smart House stuff, I used The Clapper. People laugh, but clapping twice in the dark beats spilling your water glass while trying to turn a light on.


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