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    TP-LINK CPE210 Receiver and/or transmitter

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    My Internet connection is very poor inside the house (leaving in the country).
    I want to use and external antenna to have more signal.
    Is it possible to place the CPE 210 on the roof, then connect it by LAN to the router and at the same time join by Wi-Fi my office (in an other house, distant from 30 meters).
    In other words, may the antenna works as receiver and transmitter Wi-Fi simultaneously?
    Thanks in advance,

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    Quote Originally Posted by geodou View Post
    In other words, may the antenna works as receiver and transmitter Wi-Fi simultaneously?
    CPEs are either for directional point-to-point (PtP) links (CPE to CPE) or for point-to-multi-point (PtMP) links (one CPE to several other CPEs).

    The CPEs don't perform very well in PtMP mode with regular devices if there is no line-of-sight to the client devices, i.e. if there is a wall in between. Reason for this is not the CPE, but your client devices (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone), which usually have very weak antennas. But for a good connection you need good antennas also on client devices. What's more, the CPEs have an antenna beamwidth of 60, so careful alignment is needed to create a reliable link between two CPEs or between a CPE and a client device.

    So you could try it, but don't expect much improvement.

    I would rather use a fiber cable with media converters on each side to make a link to my neighbor's house. This would yield a 100% reliable signal. In your house just use a regular access point with 360 omnidirectional antennas to spread the WiFi signal locally.

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    Thanks for your answer. It helps me very much.
    Wich model of omnidirectional antenna have I to by?


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    Quote Originally Posted by geodou View Post
    Wich model of omnidirectional antenna have I to by?
    If you link your and your neighbor's house over fiber cable and media converters, you can use any indoor access point or WiFi router you like such as the TL-WA901ND (if you just need an AP and want to share the network with your neighbor's network) or an EAP110 if you like a more stylish AP or an Archer C7 if you need a router (to separate your network from your neighbor's network). Any device with an omnidirectional antenna and an Ethernet port to connect to a media converter will fit.

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    Thanks. I just read your message now. Problems with my internet connection.!!!
    i will follow your information.
    One more time, many thanks.

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    You're welcome.

    See this link for media converters from Ethernet copper to fiber and vice versa: http://www.tp-link.com/us/business-n...es/accessories

    For example, if 100 Mbps is sufficient for your Internet uplink, a pair of one MC111CS and one MC112CS allows a connection from your house to your neighbor's house over a single fiber cable. Then you could connect any WiFi router or access point to one end of the link.


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