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    Red face Maybe a success for bulbs dropping from WIFI

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    Well I hope this is a success. My previous posts tell my story of buying bulbs (LB120 and LB110) and then working for hours and days trying to get them to work. I have completed the latest firmware update, I have uninstalled each bulb numerous times and re-installed, no help.. still drop off the network.
    I have made every type of change to my router (a Time Warner cable modem Model TC8717T5B) in an effort to resolve the issue. I finally gave up yesterday and bought a new cable/modem (NETGEAR Model C6900). Installed it this morning (3/4/2017) and reestablished connections with all of my wireless devices (not fun).. However, so far the bulbs have remained on the WIFI for longer than they ever have.. Alexa see's them all and they are responding to commands like they are supposed too.
    I am keeping my fingers crossed that this might solve the problems. I let you all know if they are still working tomorrow..

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    LB110 have that its processors so smart
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    Shame to need to buy a new router to make the bulbs work, but I hope it's helped.

    FWIW, if TP Link is watching and counting, I have the following devices: HS100, HS110, HS200, LB120, LB130.
    All but the LB130 stay connected without issue.

    The LB130 (the most expensive one!) drops offline about once every day or so just as in RJarret's case (here and in his previous post). A power cycle returns it to operation immediately.

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    Thanks for your info.

    For the most of time, the LB or HS offline isn't caused by device, but the router. There are too much router or adpter in the market, not evey router is good enough. TP-LINK router is stable for the most of time, and it's cheaper.

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    Did you have other (non-TP Link) devices that also drop offline with your router? I do not - the rest of my devices (and the other TP Link devices) stay connected without any issue. It's only the LB130 that is dropping. I'm curious to know what model routers you've found have these problems so that I can stay away from them!

    I find that the bulb reconnecting when it's power cycled to be pretty convincing evidence that the bulb has dropped off rather than the router dropping the bulb. Strikes me more as a firmware problem in the bulb. In any case I've discovered and applied the firmware patch to v1.2.3 that's available from TP Link. This morning no crash but I'll keep an eye on it and report back if it happens again.

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    Yes, I had two wifi devices that would also drop off line. My printer and Alexa. Since I installed the new router, everything plays together just fine..


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