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Model : TX-6610

Hardware Version : TX-6610 4.0

Firmware Version :

ISP : Maroc Telecom

I ordered a TX-6610 to replace the ONT provided by my ISP (Alcatel-Lucent G-240W-A)
The SN of the Alcatel looks like this: ALCLXXXXXXXX (XXXXXXXX correspond to the 16 digits in HEX)
When authenticating, the OLT claims a SN with ALCLXXXXXXXX registered in it, but, in the configuration of the TX-6610, we can only change the XXXXXXXX (the 16 Hex numbers)
So my question is:
When authenticating, does the tp-link just send the XXXXXXXX in HEX or is it sending something else like the Alcatel sends the letters ALCL and the SN.
My problem is to know if the TX-6610 can authenticate correctly to my ISP. Otherwise how can i authenticate correctly my tp-link terminal ?
Thank U for replaying.