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    Alexa skill will not enable, cannot control Kasa plug

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    The Kasa app will control the plug. I disabled the skill in Alexa to troubleshoot and now it will not enable. It returns 500 Internal Server Error. Not sure if this is TP-Link issue or Amazon. I just want to go back to bossing my house around.

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    Junior Member producer904 is on a distinguished road
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    Mar 2017
    Having problems setting up Kasa enable mode to my Amazon Echo

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    There have been numerous threads about this. TP Link suffered a catastrophic failure of one of their cloud based servers, and many of us got an email about this. All we can do is wait for some notification (hopefully) that the servers have been restored...Mike

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    Echo Dot not responding

    I'm noticing the same thing..My echo dot is on,but in my TP app and the alexa skill arent showing the light and the plug as present

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    I think things are still down. I can't sign on to enable the skill either. Patience...

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    I have Peace of mind again thanks to ingenuity,and tinkering around.
    try this it works!! Uninstall your TP Link skill in your amazon echo,re-install it..and it will find everything again

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    Yes I did that, then did a new Discovery and everything seems to be back on line. Thanks Mike

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    Junior Member Mark Temple is on a distinguished road
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    Dec 2017
    I solved the issue which lots of other people had where the Alexa Android app wouldn't enable/authorise the Kasa smarthome skill. Instead of trying to set it up through the Alexa app, instead use a PC and browse to https://alexa.amazon.co.uk instead. This gives the same interface as the Alexa app and you can enable and install the Kasa skill in the same way, but this time it worked. After doing this I was able to configure it in the Android Alexa app as normal.


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