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We are Polish ISP we are using hundreds of TP-Link TL-SG3424, TL-SG2424, TL3210 switches. There was minor multicast issues but fimware upgrade solved it all.
When we started to replace older switches to T1600/T2600 (due lack of free ports) we got multicast problems, IPTV frezes sometime for 30s - 60s. We send configs, logs, diagrams other stuff to TP-LINK and got no answer. No help at all (only "we cant find problem").
We offered even web access......
Now we replace T1600/T2600 to older switches or GPON.......

Is there any chance of new firmware release/ new switches version ?
Any other users observed multicast problems ?

I dont uderstend why this company releases new product and cant find/solve error ?