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    No, that's not what's happening. Roaming between access points happens seamlessly (I can see the BSSID of the AP I'm associated with and the signal level). It's just that I have to wait 5 minutes (every time) for the DHCP replies to start arriving through the AP that I roamed to. I don't just lose internet access after roaming to a different AP. I can't obtain an IP address from DHCP for 5 minutes and I can see DHCP replies being sent by the DHCP server during those 5 minutes. They just don't reach my device after roaming to a different AP for 5 minutes. I haven't replaced factory firmware with OpenWRT/LEDE on the C7s yet (one is still under warranty), so I don't know what's happening on them apart from what the status pages of the web interface tell me. And they tell me that for 5 minutes, my device is "seen" by both APs and the DHCP packets start arriving at the correct AP only after my device is gone from the status page of the AP that's out of range.
    Are both Archer C7 configured as Access Point mode? Make sure the Hardware NAT is on on the Archer C7.
    I suggest you send an email to TP-Link support to do more analyze.

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    I've setup my RE350 to AP mode but only 2 devices (chromecast and LGTV can connect to their wifi networks, the rest of my house gets failed to obtain IP address (two S7 phones, one windows notebook, one chromebook)
    I could connect to the RE350 when it was in "Range Extender mode" but the speed was not good so I've connected a cable and set it to AP mode, the speed right now is very good but I can't connect devices to the networks (2.4 or 5 Ghz, does not matter).

    I can't find a new firmware at US or CA download centers to update the device. What can I do now?


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    I used the beta firmware ( 20170120-rel22124 ) since May 2017, for the purpose of getting a working AP mode.
    Then a few days ago, (Jan 2018), the RE350 appeared to have spontaneously changed settings or reverted to factory defaults.
    It began giving out unwanted DHCP leases on my network. This caused other clients to randomly receive non-internet-reaching-DHCP leases, instead of good DHCP leases from my router. (rogue DHCP server problem)

    I have just updated to the 20170527-rel60420 firmware. Hope it holds.


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