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    Cool Graphical app for signal strength

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    Since the router has 4 little bars that show the signal strength - is there an app or software that shows a bit more? Something I could run on my pc or phone and move the router around and see more detailed signal information?

    I assume it has to be written for TP-Link or are there generic ones?

    Yes this is for the 4G/3G signal but same question for the wifi signal.

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    I agree! It is difficult to understand why TP-Link chooses to hide this information which is at their fingertips.

    Why do users need detailed signal strength data? To diagnose connection problems and aim external directional antennas towards cell towers.

    Think about it TP-Link! Who uses a 3G/4G modem? People who live in cities with fiber optic internet service? No! People who live some distance from a wired connection.


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