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    TL-SG2216 loss of http interface on new device

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    Hi. new purchase of a TL-SG2216. After booting up and only changing the IP address, the http webpage becomes unavailable after approx. 30min. I have tried resetting to factory defaults numerous times with the same result. The firmware has been updated to 150714, the device is a version 2. Please assist with any tests or checks to fix this. Thanks in advance.

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    I have the same problem with my TL-SG2216. I cannot access the http webpage nor even ping it. But all devices in the network can communicate fine over this switch.
    It has been running fine when i installed it in January, but sometime since then (without changing any configuration), this problem must have started. Resetting it to factory defaults (using the reset button on the frontpanel) or unpowering it for a while did not fix the problem. Powering it on, it shows up in my routers network devices list for approx. 30 minutes (but does not repsond to ping or After that time, the router lists it under inactive devices.
    The only thing that has changed in the meantime is the Firmware version of my AVM FritzBox 7490 router (currently 6.83).

    I also notices that my TP-Link TL-SG1016DE which is in the same network also is unreachable, repowering does not help.

    Unfortunately I the switches are at a different site, so i can't just go there and plug me in.

    Any ideas, how to get this fixed?

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    I am also facing the same issue. I am using a TL-SG3216(UN) Ver 2.0

    I just had fibre optic installed and all I did was change the IP address to work with the new router.

    All the devices also talk to each over however I cannot access the Web Admin like the other users.

    Any Ideas?



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    Quick question for the guys having the issue above. Are you still having the issue and if so did you connect a router to the managed switch before this happened?

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    The way I've overcome it is to leave it on the default ip, username and password. Ive worked my network around this, NOT ideal, but at least it remains accessible. Its been up now for 57 days and accessible. As soon as I change the IP, a while later the webpage is not accessible.


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    My issue was due to the DHCP on my fibre router. Every time I plugged my fibre router with DHCP activated I would loose the admin webpage completely. I ended up changing my router's DHCP IP assignment to only issue 2 numbers so my router would be with my two devices that I could not setup static IPs on to fill and I then set my Switch to (which is outside of the DHCP range) and everything works.


    I have discovered that the loss of the Admin Interface is due to my Fibre Routers DHCP and that I found that I had run into various problems with IP Assignment when I used my method above.

    I have now kept my Switches Static IP address as default ( and made my fibre routers IP address as ( and set the DHCP assignment to give addresses from -
    Everything is now functioning correctly and I can manage all devices as normal.

    Hope this helps someone.

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