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    good sharing

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    Is anyone else having these issues again over the past week? I have 3 HS200 switches and 4 HS105 mini-plugs. the switches are having no problems at all, but the 2 most-recently installed mini-plugs are showing greyed out in the Kasa app intermittently/frequently (1x/hr). I've uninstalled and reinstalled the switches to my profile, but no change in behavior.

    Of course when it's greyed out in Kasa, Alexa says "<device> is not responding". All of my devices have Remote Control turned on, btw.

    Seems like it might be a server-side issue?

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    check if there is any firmware upgrade available
    connect a windows computer to the same network and run this http://static.tp-link.com/iotUpgradeTool_V1.0.zip

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    Firmware is up to date. Thanks for the reply.

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    does the firmware upgrade solve the problem?


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