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Good morning,

I purchased my TP-LINK 4G LTE M7350 V3 Mobile Wifi on December 2016 and since I bought it can only connect to my iPhone 6+.
I've tried to connect to my HP laptop and many brand of mobile phone with android OS always failed, no wifi signal detected from the M3750.
I have tried to my Samsung S7, HTC One M9+, Google Pixel XL, Chrome Cast all unreadable / no wifi signal from the M7350 detected by other devices.
But when I tried to connect to iPhone 7+ it worked normal, is like only iPhone 6+ and iPhone 7+ can read /detect and grab his signal.
Since I need to connect my M7350 to multi devices I have tried to reset many times and re-configured but no luck..
Can someone advice me how to solve this issue, thanks