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    Help connecting CPE210 to modem

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    Good morning all,

    I have installed a CPE210 from the roof of my home and it is picking the wifi up nicely from basecamp (I live in the rainforest). Everything is working great but I am struggling to set it up with a modem. Currently the device itself is acting as the modem and I created a seperate network and password with for it. Like I said, it's working great but I would like to have it plugged into a modem inside the house so I can install these cameras:

    https://new.getoco.com/collections/a...o-dome-4x-pack plus this device: https://new.getoco.com/products/5-po...endnet-tpe-s50

    Receiving packages is challenging for me, I have a friend visiting in 2 weeks who can bring the cameras for me but I'm hesitant to make the purchase until I know it's possible to set up using the current set up. I am only using the one CPE210 and it works well enough to stream netflix, work from home etc.

    I really would appreciate any hep, apologies in advance for any frustration I may cause - I realise for most this is a simple setup

    The set up is for: www.thefusionhomeblog.com

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    What model is your módem?

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    Thank you so much for responding! The modem is a TP-Link TL-WR841N (300mbps Wireless N Router). I accidently reset it to factory default when trying to do this myself but I imagine I can update it again? I bought it specifically for this operation (doesn't mean I bought the right one though).

    I was hoping it would be a simple as plugging into the port but that was wishful thinking

    Agan, appreciate any help and thank you in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattnew View Post
    The modem is a TP-Link TL-WR841N (300mbps Wireless N Router).
    Yes, it is a router (not a modem). What do you want to achieve with the TL-WR841N? Would you like to use it as a local WiFi access point connected to your CPE210 so you have wireless and wired access to your basecamp's network? What is your current network setup? Laptop/PC connected to the CPE? What is the operation mode of your CPE at the moment?

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    Well there you have it - I can't even tell the difference between a router and a modem. Its why I live in the Jungle - ironically I'm trying to make it a smart home. Yes, I want my new network (currently the one I am picking up from basecamp but changed the name and password to personalize for the house) to broadcast the signal out of the router and not the CPE210 itself. I had hoped it would of been as simple as plugging a PoE cable from the CPE210 to the router.

    The setup is as follows, CPE210 on my roof pointed at basecamp which picks up the wifi. I only have one CPE210 and it's pointed at a cloudtrax router (situated at basecamp), it picks up the signal great. I can't really add an additional CPE210 because it's not my building the cloudtrax router is based in. I believe I set it up as 'bridge mode' but seems everytime I go in there I accidentally mess something up. Currently its not plugged into anything, it's all wifi.

    As it stands, I have wifi in the house, it works great with the smart projector and laptop (all wireless) but does struggle with the phone (seems I have to keep resetting the connection on my phone to get it to work - no biggie). What I am really concerned about is the camera's I purchased, they are going to be used to capture the night life with night vision around the home: https://new.getoco.com/collections/a...o-dome-4x-pack. I want to make sure I'll be able to set them up with the setup I have, I also purchased this guy: https://new.getoco.com/products/5-po...endnet-tpe-s50

    The reason for my haste was because it's very challenging to receive packages in the jungle and I wanted to make sure the cameras would work with my setup - that window has closed so I made the purchase hopefully I can get it to work with your help.

    Again, I know it can be frustrating dealing with someone who hasn't a clue whats going on but please know I appreciate your help

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    You could help by remote assistance, as long as you have internet at home ... another thing is the time difference ... in which part is located that rainforest ???

    You could try to contact me by whatsapp but first we solve the issue of the time difference ...

    my contact data is in my signature...

    Regards ...
    Victor A. Ramos M.
    WhatsApp +51980989627

    ==== if you want to send a personal message, consider my time zone (-5GMT Perú)====
    ==================== my sleep time is sacred ===================

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    Hello Victor,

    That is very generous of you, thank you so much! The time right now (Costa Rica) is 10.40am. Where are you based (need the full area code to add you to whatsapp), I'm assuming judging via your last timestamp, it is 4.40 as I write this.

    Thank you so much!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattnew View Post
    Again, I know it can be frustrating dealing with someone who hasn't a clue whats going on
    Not at all! People here always like to help anyone. Since Victor offered you direct assistance, you should connect him, he is a very nice and helpful guy.


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