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    Unhappy ER 5120 not working fiber optic dynamic ip

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    I have ER 5120 working for 6 months, than it stop no internet
    I have fiber optic internet from their box (Alcatel Lucent) which gives me one feed of dynamic ip, 50/5 Mbps that goes to the er 5120 WAN (only using 1 WAN)
    I have set up LAN 2,3,4,5 with rate control, under Network>switch>Rate Control, I have setup ingress and engress limits for each LAN
    I am using 3 desktops, wifi , time clock
    It was working fine for 6 months and stop, I called ISP they said i have too many devices and they reset the feed and working fine for 30min and stop no internet
    If I connect the feed to my laptop it work fine than reconnect to er 5120 WAN no conductivity. I have unplug the ISP box waited reconnect, to WAN, no internet, but if take the ISP feed t my laptop it works
    Help I am pulling my hair out
    Thanks in advance

    Neal da

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    Hey dude
    What's the WAN state of the ER5120 shows? Can the WAN1 get IP from ISP?
    If not, there must be some configuration wrong about the setting in WAN.
    Like check the MTU, have a reset...

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    I powered the ER 5120 and everything is working, all parameters are the same as before, no problems.
    WAN showing ip MTU 1500, working for 3 hours
    Thank you for the post and I know what to do next time

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    since my last post, internet speed is slow at random. I called ISP they say its good on their said.
    lost ????


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