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    USB 5Ghz adaptor with directional antenna

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    Out of curiosity I want to test how far I can reach with my 5GHz CPE510 access point (mounted on my roof). So I thought about using a USB adaptor with a high gain directional antenna for my laptop. From my roof I have line of sight to a park which is at least 10KM wide so plenty of testing possibilities. Has anyone tried this? If so, what adaptor and antenna did you use and how far were you able to reach? Any advice is appreciated.


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    I the distance depends on many factors such as your power levels, and the actual distance of free space if the wireless link is (line of site). Trees, buildings. A study was done and proven a large size tree with all green leaves would attenuate a wifi signal as much as 30Db =1000 times signal loss. TP Link use to have a online distance calculator that would calculate signal strength, using their products, but this calculator does not factor in trees and other obstructions. This calculator is down and TP-Link no longer has it up. but you can go here http://www.radiolabs.com/stations/wifi_calc.html and input all the required information and this info will give approximate results. In the winter when no leaves is on the trees I can see my my AP on a laptop .5mile away and my setup is at 50feet, but 5ghz will give shorter distances as its higher up in the microwave band.

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    Outdoor wireless link calculator


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