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    EAP Controller LED Settings

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    Hi there,

    i just have a "nice to have" Wish. Can you please add a LED Setting feature in the EAP Controller software , so i can switch the LED to on or off for specific APs?
    We have some AP locations where the LED light is a little bit too bright. So we want to switch it off. On other APs in the same Site it should be on.

    Is this possible?

    thank you
    1x TL-SG3424P v2.0
    3x EAP225

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    I do think it would be good to configure this on a per-AP basis, but in the meantime are you aware of the system-wide LED setting? If you go Settings > System > LED you can turn off the LEDs for all APs.

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    Hello DocJones,

    thanks for the reply. I know the LED Setting in the EAP Controller. If i connect APs to the EAP Controller, each AP takes the LED Settings from EAP Controller no matter i configured before on the AP himself. I want to seperate the LED Settings for each AP or at least for a group. This would be very nice. As sayd before, this is just a nice to have feature or a cosmetic thing, but for me this would be a feature for a holistic business solution!
    1x TL-SG3424P v2.0
    3x EAP225


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