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    Parental Controls

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    Archer CR700

    Firmware Version: v1.1.0
    Build 20160812 Rel515810
    Hardware Version: V1.1

    Switching on Parental Controls does nothing. No additional features show up to help control access time. Same results in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. Any ideas?

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    Junior Member Daleanne1959 is on a distinguished road
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    This is what I had to do

    I went into advance settings, then clicked on backup & Restore, then Reset my router, I did save a backup of the current settings before I did that, but didn't need to use it the modem went back to the setting my internet service set up for me. then I was able to enable the parent control, I think what happen was I didn't click on the right stuff when I was setting up the kids time restrictions, I still have not tried to do that yet, I want to read up on it this router is a bit more difficult than my last one, and i'm still learning allot about networking the computers and tablets. Good Luck


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