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    EAP220 Firmware TL-EAP220v1_eu_2.0.2_[20161117-rel66703]_up_signed.bin has an VLAN error

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    I have bought an EAP220 and EAP225 and updated both to newest firmware version. In the network they are connected to are there 2 VLAN's 205 (untagged) and 247 (tagged). The 205 is for "traffic" and 247 is for "management". This work very fine for the EAP225, but for the EAP220 I am unable to ping or connect by HTTP or HTTPS.

    There is no problem when it is connected directly to my pc - I can manage it...

    Then i downgrade the EAP220 firmware to "TL-EAP220v1_eu_2.0.2_[20160401-rel65964]_up_signed.bin" - then the VLAN management is disabled or not made by TPlink

    - but now I can reach it in my network by my untagged VLAN 205 "Traffic" - both by Webserver and by ping

    Is there anyone who has the same experience as me ?

    And is there someone who knows a way the have the VLAN management working ?

    Or is there a new firmware version coming ? soon?



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    Hi Niels,

    TP-LINK latest firmware for EAP220 support Management VLAN. You can download it using the link below:

    Please note that, when you enable Management VLAN function, only the data with management vlan tag can manage the EAP.


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