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    cannot connect to UI

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    Not sure if this is the right thread, but here's my problem:

    I work for a company that deals with cnc machining. We have been having issues with our haas machine connecting and keeping its connection to our network. I having a little it background thought it would be a good idea to give the device a dedicated ip address, and reserve this address for it. The default gateway on my machine is So i logged into this and the interface had a dns section for address reservation. I entered the mac address into it along with an ip address i wanted dedicated to this machine, and it accepted it. It prompted me that the affects wont take place until i reboot the device, which i did. Upon rebooting, i lost connection to the web interface. When trying to reopen the interface using the same ip address, i get an error of ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED. I spent some time on google researching this but there are alot of devices and problems tied to this. Alot of them recommend rebooting X device to factory defaults, but this is not an option to me.I could but I did not set up this network, and i don't know what they all have configured.(Nor do the owners, they had an independent person who has limited time to come and setup their network)
    I've accessed quite a few routers in my life, so the interfaces all blend in to me. I thought it was a Netgear UI, so i posted on a netgear forum my issue and they recommended i used nmap to try and find the ip address, as since i rebooted the switch, it may have taken a different ip address upon reboot. I did, and found the ip address of the switch, but the interface is not the same, not even remotely close to the one i accessed. I had a feeling this wasn't going to work, since when i rebooted the interface mentioned above, the default gateway on my computer never changed. Looking at the psychical hardware, i can see that is actually a TP Link VPN router(TL-R600VPN) and i think i remember seeing a TP LINK branding on the interface.
    I also went through all the hosts listed in my nmap network scan and tried to connect to them all, and none of them brought me back to the web interface.
    So at this point I'm at a loss on what i can do to try and find this interface again. Thank you for reading this, and any input, suggestions and recommendations are appreciated.

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    Hey dude,
    Have you ever try these?
    1. Clean the cache of the web browser.
    2. Change another web browser
    3. Change another PC to login
    4. Check the Web Management Port with them to see if they had change the Management port


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