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    WA854RE V1.0 deactivate a.root-server DNS request

    Model : WA854RE

    Hardware Version: WA854RE v1.0 00000000:

    Firmware Version : 3.14.8 Build 140827 Rel.34191n

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Good Morning,

    I have only a short question, where I can turn off the DNS query for "a.root server". The extender makes hundreds of requests per hour.

    Thank you for your answers.

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    OK one View....Push

    Is there no change to deactivate the Request ?

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    Where are you see it?

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    In the Log from my dnsmasq.

    query[A] a.root-servers.net from 192.168.XX.XX

    There is no WLan Client connected.

    Over 8000 Requerst per Day. I Block that, but would like to know where it comes from and how to turn it off.

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    This is quesion for TP-Link support. I can't help you.

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    WA854RE V1 0 deactivate a root server DNS request

    yea, both DNS for IPv6 and DNSSec can be cool/useful in ROS.


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