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    Question Two LB100s same switch

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    I have 2 LB100 bulbs connected to two lights controlled by one switch. Both added to TP-Link but used two different names. Alexia seems to only know one. I can I control through Alexa both bulbs? I can control from the TP-Link app.

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    Perhaps you need to discover devices again in the Alexa app, Smart Home setup.

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    Hi, this is what I did to control my 2 Living Room Lights.

    1. Use the Kasa app to configure both bulbs. Name both lights something different. Open device settings on each and make sure remote control is chosen. Test them both individually.

    I created them as Living Room Light 1 and Living Room Light 2.

    2. Go into the Alexa app and Smart Home. Then choose Your Smart Home Skills. Click Get more smart home skills. Search for Kasa and add it and allow alexa access by entering you Kasa username and password. Then go back under Smart Home . Choose Your Groups choose create group. Create a group name and check both lights names and click Save at the bottom.

    I created a group called Living Room Lights.

    Once I did Alex controlled both lights as one.

    Hope this helps. Good Luck.


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