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    PA4020 and 4010 Connection problem, drops

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    i am using one PA4010 with my router and 2xPA4020, one with my TV and one with my PC in different rooms. I bought the 4020 kit cause i am thinking of buying a ps4 in future. My problem is that now and then i am losing connection. On both adapters.. Netflix on TV can be torture sometimes, playing games on PC online is not possible. I am sure that the adapters may cause the probs cause i can use wifi as usual in these specific 1-2 minutes of the disconnection. At first i thought that my Internet provider is the reason i have the disconns and i was sure that the adapters are stable, but i moved couple of months now and its the same.

    I bought the adapters 2015 and 2016. I dont know if this is a known issue and if there is a firmware or update for.

    Do you have any solution or hint for me?

    Thank you in advance,


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    Hello? Are you going to answer?

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    same issues here!! network drops sometimes, at first I thought was a problem with the router, then changed the router
    and I still have this issue (in my case a kit of TP-PA4010 (UK) v1.2, on TP Link's site there is NO utility/firmware for this model.
    I would like a reply from TP-Link about this.

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    Is there any support from tp-link? Did they answer??

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    I had some email exchange with TPlink support, I have the impression they started to ask the same questions all over again,
    I don't think they are really interested about this issue.

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    LoL..i emailed them too but got no answer yet.this is a very shitty tech support forum.. i didnt find one answer from tplink in none thread.. not only related to our problem but at all threads.. i know that forums are supposed to minimalize the need of a supportteam cause there are massprob solusion and consumers helping each other out but this here is outraging... i m thinking of getting rid of this shitpowerlines and stop buying tplink stuff...

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    I dont know if this is a known issue and if there is a firmware or update for.

    Do you have any solution or hint for me


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