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    TL-WPA4220 slow speed after some time

    Model : TL-WPA4220

    Hardware Version : V1

    Firmware Version :

    Setup: Router connected to TP-Link Mini TL-PA411 (Firmware Hard drive connected to router. PC connected to TL-WPA4220 via cable.

    Problem: If I copy a file from my PC to the hard drive and the TL-WPA4220 adapter was just plugged into the wall socket, I reach a speed of ~7Mb/s. But the next day if I want to copy a file to the hard drive again the speed is ~500kb/s, even though a download from the internet reaches a speed of ~1.4Mb/s (limited by ISP speed) from the same PC. Also downloads from for example a notebook connected to the TL-WPA4220's WiFi reaches normal speed of ~1.4Mb/s.
    The problem can be fixed temporarily by restarting the TL-WPA4220 or by changing the QoS settings to one of the 4 available types using the Powerline Utitlity. Next day the problem appears again.

    Has anyone an idea what could cause the problem?
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    Possible W-Fi channel contention/collisions ?

    I'm having the same issue.
    I use a free utility (Acrylic Wi-Fi Free version) which shows all the available Wi-Fi connections in my surrounding area. The list of available connections includes their channel numbers.
    My symptoms are that I get a 'good' connection early in the morning, with few other wireless connections available. Later on, I lose my Wi-Fi connection or my line-speed drops dramatically.
    I'm trying to find out if/how I can change the broadcast channel of my TP-WPA4220 unit.
    The unit works fine for an ethernet connection.

    Hope this is on some help

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    WiFi works fine for me. I reinstalled/updated the newest firmware to both of my adapters even though the newest version was already installled (What the Powerline Utility shows is wrong for some reason). But problem is still there. I assume a software problem because only the LAN speed is affected and can be fixed by restarting.

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    I was able to get my hands on a different powerline adapter and switched it with the TP-Link Mini TL-PA411. My problem is solved. It seems like that the combination of TP-Link Mini TL-PA411 and TL-WPA4220 isn't working for me.


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