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    HS200 Smart Switch

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    I have two black one red and a ground wire that went to my old light switch. The white neutral wire was not used and is bundled together and capped off. I connected the two black wires to the ground wire, two live load lines on the TP Link switch and pulled the neutral bundle and tied the neutral line to the tucked back neutral bundle. The switch only had led light power and I could hear it click on and off locally and from Kasa but my light would not turn on. I then disconnected the neutral line between the switch and wall and connected the neutral line from the switch to the red line this time. Again, same thing. This should be simple! With the neutral line from the switch connected to either the red or white lines out of the wall the light itself still does not come on. I don't get it. Any help would be great. This is driving me bonkers.

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    Is this light switched from two locations? It sounds like one of the wires might be a "traveler". How many screws were on the switch you removed? How were the wires connected to it?


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