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    Planning business wifi net, need help

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    Hi everyone,
    before everything, please apologise my bad english, it's not my mother tongue, so if i write something strange please bear with me.

    I'm actually planning to expand the wifi network in my hotel, and i saw the centralized tplink solution, and i was wondering if i got everything right about the deployment.
    If i'm not mistaken i should buy an AC50 (or 500) gateway/manager, connect it to a poe switch (preferably smart) and from the switch connect the various AP (cap300 or cap1200, even if the 1200 is quite hard to find here in italy) on the floors, the APs will be powered via poe and they will auto configure following the gateway rules right? So if i want to add another AP later i just need to plug the new AP right?

    If instead i'll use the EAP APs (225/320) i don't need a gateway (AC50/500) but i will need to connect the APs to the POE switch and configure every single AP manually right?

    Regardless the solution i choose, is it possible to have the network share the same SSID? Could a user move from an AP to another without losing connection?

    Thanks for the time spent reading, and if you can point me to any useful information i'll be more than happy to educate myself.

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    Hi, you are making some mistakes in the choice of products eap are software managed AP. If want to use AC controller you need CAP access point. In both case you can reach the result you want to achieve. If you need more details please contact Italian TP-Link support team


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