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    Junior Member Haye is on a distinguished road
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    TL-MR3420 virtual router not working

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    Hi, I am living in RSA

    I have 3 cameras that i want to check from the internet, i had a TL-MR3420 version 3. Before i was using a version 2.4 without any problems using port forwarding or virtual router.
    I have even tested with port forward.com and the version 3 don't accept the setting and is not working. I have copied the exact settings from version 2.4.

    Any ideas or new firmware, i saw many problems on the internet with the version 3.

    Any help will be welcomed as i am not the only one with this problem.

    Jean Louis Haye

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    Banned jimasek is on a distinguished road
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    WAN addresses are the same on both routers? Can you see any errors?

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    Same problem with Port forwarding

    I also recently upraded from a ver 2.4 to a ver 3 (TL MR 3420). I have the same problem. The virtual servers work on ver 2.4 but not on ver 3.
    At the moment my remote site is not active until I can sort this out.

    I am using a 3g modem stick to connect to the internet.

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    Firmware Upgrade worked!

    Thanks Anton L.Z

    The upgrade seem to have worked.



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    Firmware upgrade worked, but keeps on disconnecting

    Hi Anton

    The firmware upgrade worked fine with the port forwarding, but now the USB modem keeps on disconnecting after a few minutes. I have to reboot the router in order to restore the connection.

    This does not seem right.

    Is there not a way to implement a ping watchdog, similar to the one used on the TL- WA7210N. If you can ping google for instance every couple of minutes to check that it is there. If not the router must reboot itself.



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