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    VLAN issues: Is there a Difference between the SG105E and SG 108E

    Model : TL-SG105E

    Hardware Version : TL-SG105E(UN)_v2

    Firmware Version : TL-SG105E(UN)_V2_160526

    ISP : Telfort (NL)

    Provider Telfort has two VLAN's to which all services connect.
    34, for internet & VOIP telephony
    4 for IPTV

    I don't use IPTV, so I don't require those packages

    I only require the traffic from VLAN 34 and require that data to be transferred untagged, so I can use my own router.

    SETUP with SG108
    I only require to use 2 ports
    Port 1, which is a tagged port for VLAN 34, will be the uplink it receives the incomming Internet traffic from the provider, through a Genexis Fiber2Lan converter.
    Port 2 which is an untagged port for VLAN 34, and exits to the router

    SETUP of the SWITCH
    MTU VLAN = Disable
    Port Based VLAN =Disable
    802.1Q VLAN = Enabled
    Port 1: Tagged
    Port 2: Untagged
    VLAN ID: 34
    802.1Q PVID Setting
    Port 1,2 both set to 34
    All other settings, left to default
    IGMP snooping = Enabled
    Asus router receives IP address from DHCP server of provider. No issues, Internet traffic works fine.
    When i tried the same settings in the TL-SG105E, the router is NOT able to receive an IP address from the provider.
    The TL-SG105E is Hardware version TL-SG105E(UN)_v2. and has latest firmware, version TL-SG105E(UN)_V2_160526

    What did I do wrong here? Are these devices the same, or are they different?
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