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Thread: AP and Vlans

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    AP and Vlans

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    Hi ,
    i need following informations. How do i get my Eap110 work with a two vlan constellation? I can set it up when the uplink is a Accesport and then change to trunk, and it seem to work, but the accesspoint goes offline.i dont really know what to do

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    Your laptop/upstream router/whatever must handle the VLANs and assign it to two subnets. See this post for an example how this can be done:

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    I have a Cisco Switch, i can configure the APs when they are in the same VLAN as the controler PC and then switch to a dot1q Trunk link and it is working wih the vlan / SSID seperation. But After 30 seconds the APs swich to the disconnected state on the controller (they are still working). Can anyone help?

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    Quote Originally Posted by goliard View Post
    Can anyone help?
    See http://www.tp-link.de/faq-1365.html


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