Model :

Hardware Version : Not Clear

Firmware Version : 300 Mbps wireless N-Router TL-WR841nd

ISP : Vodafone /Kabel DS[/COLOR]

I need your help . and now I am really confused. My WIN10-anniversary update with hp-Tower (home only - I never had interest using any smart version outside - my problem now is only the very wrong network configuration, that worked "well" over weeks (I didnīt detect any danger of "hidden" open wlan-channels!!!). And SHIT HAPPENED. By my CRAZY configuration () - I had terrific open doors over weeks with spooky visits of neighbours inside my private home.......... Panic! and thats why I pulled every plug, I crashed each of any "open door" - so I even crashed hp-tower (destroyed now).. because of my panic of "invasion"). That all only because a former WIN10-break-down, when I tried to use a tool of Wiederherstellung, of Re-Boot & reanimate my formerly well running WIN-10 performance, with many complications, because Iīm just a mad amateur only... My last "success" came by changing the Atheros triber versions.

NOW in my TP-Link-Page I renewed every detail step by step. But I do missing here the point of "re-placing these harmless" former Atheros tribers (home network wlan and ethernet). (Now I know:I caused the "invitation to visit my private home" by my crazy choice of Atheros version (Ath.Family safety.. entertainment). But over these unsecured last weeks my home system was running better (my worst fail).

Over years was G DATA INTERNET SECURITY & FIREWALL my best tool and first priority to hold my home system safe internal and untouchable!!! Windows Defender/ Windows Firewall didnīt make conflicts with GDATA. while both systems running. - everything seemed to be O.K. - now I know better: Also this G Data Firewall didnīt watch these open channels to my outdoor "friends". (configuration didnīt watch out).

Is it wrong. to ask here in TP-Link community?
Should I search for my solution in Windows Defender Community?
or is it a question only to G Data Support?

Here Iīm working now with my very old WIN-Xp-Tower hoping for help.

Thanx for your wasted time to read sooooo much from me.