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    TL-SG105E v2 - Web interface unresponsive

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    I have a brand new SG105E v2 which has been upgrade to the latest TL-SG105E(UN)_V2_160526 firmware. I have a static IP set on my laptop to and am able to reach and configure the switch using the utility but when trying to reach the web-interface of the switch I get a blank page using both Chrome, and Firefox. A packet capture showed that my browser was being sent a page from the switch with a 403-Forbidden code. I find this very odd as I'm not even receiving a prompt to log-in, in order to use the default username and password.

    I'm assessing the product for an ISP to use with small home installations which leverage multicast for their IPTV service. The IGMP snooping feature is my primary reason for investigating this product. While I personally have no issues using the configuration tool, it's not an option for my client as all of their technicians have been issued MacBooks which cannot run the utility and must be able to configure the switch via web interface.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Try resetting the switch to factory defaults and set it up using the web interface, not the config utility.


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