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    NAS on switch or router?

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    I have 1 switch TL-SG105E and 1 switch TL-SG108E and a router ch7465lg-lc (i don't know the brand).

    What is the best way to connect all?

    NAS to router or switch?

    Both switch to router or router -> switch -> switch?

    Sorry for this dumb questions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmcmendes View Post
    What is the best way to connect all?
    I would connect the NAS to one of the TL-SG switches, since you then could use the management features of the switches, e.g. bandwidth control, link aggregation or VLANs.

    The switches could be connected to the router in any way you like (cascading or direct connection) depending on what you plan for your network.

    For example cascading the switches would give you the opportunity to combine ports for link aggregation to get more bandwidth between both switches (link aggregation = combining several physical connections for one logical network) or using VLANs (= combining logical subnetworks on one physical cable) or even both features at the same time (= combining several logical subnetworks on several physical connections).


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