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    EAP Controller WPA2-RADIUS with Windows NPS

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    I currently have Windows NPS set up for another wireless controller and it is working correctly. I tried configuring the EAP controller to authenticate with the same radius server but no clients will connect. I tried looking at the logs of the NPS (radius) server and I don't even see any attempts. Has anyone else have this same problem, or is there a guide to get this working? Are there any known issues?

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    on windows server have you added as client on radius the ip of controller or the ip of the EAP?
    The authentcation geos through the EAP directly not to the controller.

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    I have added both. And I don't even get any kind of log entry saying the controller or WAP attempted anything. It currently works with another manufacturers controller.

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    I take that back, I am getting log entries now. Strange.


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