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    Question Use router as VPN server

    Model : Archer VR200v
    Hardware Version : Archer VR200v v1 00000000
    Firmware Version : 0.8.0 0.25 v002f.0 Build 160809 Rel.52803n
    ISP : doesn't matter

    I recently purchased an Archer VR200v and wondered if it is possible to use it as a VPN server, so that I can open a tunnel from mobile devices to my own network while being in probably unsecure public networks (open airport WLAN, hotel WLAN, ...).

    In the user guide there is section 13.7. Set up a VPN Connection. Unfortunately it only describes how to set up a Site-to-Site-VPN to connect to LANs via internet which is obviously not what I'm looking for

    Is there a way to achieve what I'm looking for? Is the router capable of doing this?
    Any help appreciated.
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    If someone else comes across this:
    I asked the TP Link support and they told me, that the VR200v isn't capable of acting as a VPN server. They recommended the VR900v V2 or VR2800 instead which support PPTP and OpenVPNconnections.


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