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Thread: Fiber on W8968

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    Fiber on W8968

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    Hi there. Hoping someone can shed some light on my current predicament. I have a TP-Link TD-W8968 V3 ADSL2+ modem.
    My ISP has recently approcahed me to convert my internet infrastructure from ADSL to Fiber. I initially though that I would have to buy a new modem, but after reading up a bit it seems like my existing modem/router should be able to allow for fibre connectivity. Port 4 is a LAN/WAN port, and the modem packaging states that its either ADSL or EWAN compatible. My ISP cut me over to fiber today, but alas I dont seem to be able to get a connection via my modem. I know the fiber is working. If I plug my laptop directly into LAN1 on the ONT the ISP provided and setup a dailup connection, I can connect to the internet. Plugging the cable into port 4 (LAN/WAN) on the router though, does not give me connectivity. I have tried to recreate Layer 2 interface and WAN service, hard reset the router and setup from scratch, but the link never seem to come up when trying to use the router. The WAN service keeps displaying the following.

    ADSL Link Down, wait or check ADSL line

    This makes me think that it is still looking for ADSL connectivity via the ADSL port? Is there a setting perhaps to make it aware it needs to look at the LAN/WAN interface instead? Does the router support fibre connectivity even, or would the interface just apply to vdsl cable connectivity?

    Any thoughts to fixing would be appreciated.

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    Firmware version?

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    Latest version. 150512

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    Do we need another modem? because I read this

    Ethernet WAN (EWAN) offers another broadband connectivity option for connecting to Cable, VDSL or Fiber modems


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    You dont need another modem. I figured it out eventually. Just change the mode of the modem from adsl modem to wifi router and LAN4 becomes configurable as a WAN port with the ability to define a PPPoE connection


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