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    Tplink td w9980v1 problem.Help please!!!

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    Hello and good morning all for you!!!
    I have a tplink td w9980v1 with 160125 firmware.
    I have a problem with my android device connected to my tplik router.
    When i set a portal to watch free legal channels (portal is http://xxxx.xxxx:8080) my portal freezes.
    When i set onother portal without a port plays fine.
    Also i have to say that in onother router zyxel b10d all the portals with or without port 8080 plays fine!
    The 2 routers is with default settings.
    What can i do to start a portal with http://xxx.xxx:8080 with tplink td w9980v1?
    Thank you very much!!!! I am a begginer with router interface settings! Can you help me?
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