Model : NC450

Hardware Version : Not Clear

Firmware Version : 1.0.15 Build 160920 Rel.28625


I just unpacked my new NC450 and am mighty pleased. Quite a slick little camera for the price.

Lacking one feature my old cheap as chips Chinese unbranded camera of similar ilk has, namely when motion is detected the NC450 offers, according to the manual, snapshot images. I'd like essentially to deliver a video stream of a specified length instead or better still a video stream until motion not detected. That is I want to see video snapshots of what's happening not stills.

If the firmware in the NC450 doesn't offer this, perhaps a server side solution is know? I can view the video stream quite nicely for example in a browser or with VLC with a URL as simple as:


So it's easy to image image a server side monitor that does the motion detection and saves a video snippet. I guess the question is, has it been done, is anyone doing this, and with what tools?

I've found Zoneminder, but egads am blown away with the complexity of the install with no guarantee it can even read the stream nor any simple pre-install way of testing if it can. I balk at the hassle of installing all that just to test it! Plus my need is rather sporadic and I prefer the solution I had with my cheap as chips Chinese camera (which I'm not using now mainly because their solution uses IE and activeX and I no longer have that nor desire to depend on it).

I admit to minor disappointment that TP-Link don't just support this in the firmware deliver .mp4 files to the FTP server not .jpgs.