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    HTTP API for LB110

    Model : LB110

    Hardware Version : Not Clear

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    Is there actual documentation on the LB110 and its interface. The HS110 has open source code that shows how it works, so was hoping for a sample for the LB series.


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    I actually need this documentation for my LB100 setup. Please advise!

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    Bulb API

    I have developed a limited api for the LB-120 series as well as Samsung SmartThings device handler. The API is currently limited to the light control and information functions. I do not yet have the functions to control schedule. I am willing to share, if you wish. List of commands tested on LB-120 and LB-130.
    Get Energy Monitor Functions
    getDailyEnergy (month, year)
    getMonthlyEnergy (year)
    Get Schedule/Timer Functions
    getSchedule ()
    getNextSchedAction ()
    getTimerRules ()
    getAntiTheft ()
    Get Light Data Functions
    getLightState ()
    getLightParameters ()
    getLightDetails ()
    getLightWattage ()
    Get Bulb Data Functions
    getSysInfo ()
    getAlias ()
    getModel ()
    getMACAddress ()
    getCloudInfo ()
    Set Light Functions
    setLightOnWithTrans (power, transition)
    setLightState (lightState, stateValue)
    setLightColor (hue, saturation)

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    Source Files

    My source files are now at: https://github.com/DaveGut/TP-Link-Bulbs

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    Some hacks on PHP to command plugs and light bulbs

    Picking from here and there, I put together a few pieces of PHP code to command plugs and light bulbs.
    It is very much a draft and functionality is partial. Feel free to comment and reuse.



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