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    TL-WA801ND - wifi stops passing any traffic after ~2.5 GB of Mac Time Machine backup

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    Hi all, TP-link,

    I came a cross an AP hang problem that can be reproduced all the time.

    I've setup an OpenMediaVault server and enabled Time Machine backup to it via AFP protocol.

    Now all wireless traffic on my TL-WA801ND AP stops completely after transferring about 2.5 GB of this TM backup traffic. Also all other associated devices traffic is blocked. The only recovery method is reboot of the AP.

    This issue reproduces every time and tried on both WA801ND v3 and v2 (both running latest software). Both models have this issue.

    When the AP is hung, and I move to a machine on the cabled (switch) side, I can still access the AP WebUI from the cabled side of the AP, so the hang issue is on the wifi side. After a while you can see all wifi associated machines being removed from the list at Wireless Statistics.

    I am wondering, is this a know issue and any plan for a fix?

    I'm happy to help provide any data from the device and reproduce it for you some more if that helps. Let me know.

    Kind regards,

    AP details:
    Firmware Version:
    3.16.9 Build 160223 Rel.48414n
    Hardware Version: WA801ND v3 00000000

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    Note: I've opened a tech support ticket for this issue. Hopefully the issue can be root caused and fixed in next firmware.

    Also note, just FYI: I've been using these TP-Link TL-WA801ND in AP mode for several years with much satisfaction. I have 3 APs, one on each floor of my house, all cabled to the same switch. They are generally very stable devices for a very good price.
    It's just now with this specific traffic type (AFS / Time Machine backup) that they get stuck and require a reboot to recover.



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