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    guest network stops working after a couple of days (TD-W8960N)

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    good day,

    Have a TD-W8960N router v7 (this appears to be the latest firmware).

    I've activated the guest network. My devices could connect, but after a few days (approx 5) they could not connect to the guest network anymore. New devices also could not connect.

    I went into the admin console, to Guest Network and changed the Encryption from "AES+TKIP" to "AES". That seems to have reset something, because then all my devices could connect again - but this again lasted approx 5 days. I then changed Encryption from AES back to AES+TKIP - and all devices could connect again.

    I've had no problems connecting to the main SSID.

    Can anyone help - why does my guest network appear to get "stuck" after a couple of days?


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    no-one else experienced this problem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnsontp View Post
    Firmware 160614 was installed, but I've reinstalled and reset the router. Have activated the guest network so let's hold thumbs.

    Could it be a feature, where the guest network is only active for a short time?

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