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Thread: Iptv issues

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    Exclamation Iptv issues

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    Tp link T-470+ V4I'm trying to use my IPTV SERIVES ON MY SMART TV SAMSUNG AFTER USEING TP LINK LOAD BALANCER 470 V 4But with no hope at all I even my TV is connect to the internet and Netflix working like charm but iptv no way at all can any one help me it only work when I connect my tv to the ones of the two router I'm useing before the load balancer

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    Hi dude
    If you have more than one router in your topology, you need to change the IP of 470T+ to a smaller one.

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    U mean make them the same

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    Members Mr.J is on a distinguished road
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    No, the same IP will make a conflict. Here are some suggestions.
    1. You just need change the IP of 470T+ be the smaller one.(If the other router's IP in your topology is, you should set the IP of 470T+ smaller than 20.)
    2. Please check and make sure the IP Block option is not selected.

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    My two router ip are & and my tp link route is so it's smaller

    Block ip isn't marked too so it's so strange !!?
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    hey dude,I suggest you go to contact the Supporter of TP-Link directly.


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