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Thread: Schedule issue

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    Schedule issue

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    Just purchased and setup an EAP245 / AC1750 and have an issue when I try to set a schedule to turn off at
    midnight i.e. 00.00. It won't let me and automatically defaults to 12.00pm. It appears you can only do 23.59 or 00.01 in scheduling.
    I want for exemple turn ON the AP from 8am to the next day 01am (first schedule for day 1: 08.00 - 23.59, second schedule for day 2: 00.00 - 01.00) and I have always an interruption between 23.59 and 24:00 .
    Or I'm doing something wrong?
    Thanks for help.

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    Hi, the schedule is correct in this way. I use the same configuration and it works fine.

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    My AC1750 installed some days ago it works until I enable the SCHEDULER config. My request is keep switched on during the day the access point and switch off in the night.
    When I set up, " from 8 to 20: radio ON" the Access point it works for few moments but sometimes it switches off all wifi SSID networks until I disable this feature.
    Any idea?
    thank you in advance

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    How many EAPs do you have? Do all of them have this issue and how often does this happen?
    Besides, you can also paste the scree shot of your configuration here.


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