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Thread: Schedule issue

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    Schedule issue

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    Just purchased and setup an EAP245 / AC1750 and have an issue when I try to set a schedule to turn off at
    midnight i.e. 00.00. It won't let me and automatically defaults to 12.00pm. It appears you can only do 23.59 or 00.01 in scheduling.
    I want for exemple turn ON the AP from 8am to the next day 01am (first schedule for day 1: 08.00 - 23.59, second schedule for day 2: 00.00 - 01.00) and I have always an interruption between 23.59 and 24:00 .
    Or I'm doing something wrong?
    Thanks for help.

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    Hi, the schedule is correct in this way. I use the same configuration and it works fine.


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