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    Eap110 http https ssl3.0

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    EAP110 version ?, firmware 1.0.1 -45143
    A recent scan on our internal network shows that the ssl certificate is self signed 512 bits, SSL 3.0 turned on, TLS 1.0 turned on.
    On this device is it possible to, turn off SSL 3.0, TLS 1.0 and turn on TLS 1.1.
    Also can we turn off HTTP leaving HTTPS turned on.


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    I'm fairly certain you can't tweak the SSL/TLS settings on these units. You're better off managing your network so that access to the AP is restricted in the first place (e.g. use VLANs). It can't hurt to put in a feature request for better security, but don't wait for the vendor to implement it, implement your own security instead/until then


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