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    firewall on WD8968 v4

    Model :

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR]

    I have the latest firmware now
    Firmware Version: 1.1.1 Build 151229 Rel.30697
    Hardware Version: TD-W8968 V4 0x00000001
    It says on the release notes firewall added, but I can't find it on the menus

    I need to set up port forwarding, but not easy without firewall settings, and port 7777 is closed, which is what I would like.

    However, if I cant use that port, is there a list of open by default ports WAN to LAN, so I could port forward from one of those.

    many thanks

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    Do you have public IP address on WAN port?

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    yes a fixed IP address in the range 80.x.x.x.

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    Can you see NAT - Virtual Server
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    Yes I can see that , and enter input port and redirected port
    when trying it I get a refused message.
    BTW trying access with a mobile phone which IS on a different IP net so any incoming from that will be on the WAN.

    Hence I need the firewall access to open the required port

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    What service/server do you have on this port 7777? In local network everything is OK? Can you show me screenshot from Virtual Server and your settings?

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    Server Name External Port Start External Port End Protocol Internal Port Start Internal Port End Server IP Address WAN Interface Status Enable/Disable Edit Remove
    cam 7777 7777 TCP 7777 7777 pppoa0 Enabled

    And what wasn't working now is.

    TOTALLY CONFUSED NOW, its been rebooted several times, and failed to work after each reboot, ask a question on the forum and its working,
    Who waved the magic wand ????


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