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    Need AT command for TP-Link MA260 modem only mode

    Model : MA260

    Hardware Version :

    Firmware Version :

    ISP : [/COLOR] Blue & black

    Dear Guys,

    I have TP-Link MA260 3G USB modem, which i need to use in my linux based virtual machine on EXSI to send SMS messages, the problem i got that the default mode of tp-link ma 260 is CD/media storage and EXSI host unable to detect it as a usb device, so after an R&D, the only solution is to pass AT command to usb device to set modem only mode permenantly this issue already been faced by other users who are using huwaei 3g modems and they easily set it to modem only mode using AT command, as per below reference threads.


    I easily connect it serial port of my tp-link MA 260 device, and when i enter AT i give OK response, now please let me the right AT command to change modem only mode. ?

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    detect 3g usb modem as usb device on EXSI host

    Is there any way to detect 3g usb modem as usb device on EXSI host ??


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