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    LAG from T1600G-28TS to TL-SG3424?

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    I tried setting up a LAG/LACP between my TL-SG3424, which I have all my media servers attach to, to a T1600G-28TS I just got. I can't seem to access the internet or do anything but access the web ui of each switch thou. Even when I disconnect my existing switch, I can't access the internet or ping any external addresses. Any ideas?

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    I have exactly the same roblem. I set up a LAG Port 17+18 on my SG3424 Switch and on my T1600G-28PS a LAG Port 21+22.

    I found out that you can hange the link type on SG-3424 from General to TRUNK (that is important when you have Vlans). But on my T1600 I cant change Link Type on ports. That is the reason why my Vlans are not come to the T1600. The LAG is up but all connected devices on my T1600 are not reachable. With my SG3424 and m other SG3216 I have no Problems


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