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    Which camera should I buy?

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    Hello there.

    First of all I'm glad I found this forum and I hope the community here can help me. Now just a few words about my situation. About a week ago, while me and my family were out to my mother-in-law's birthday, someone broke into hour house. It was just an ordinary robbery and now everything has been settled. However, a strange feeling still remains. Once you experienced it, you feel kind of helpless, defenceless.

    Anyway, in March me and my family are going on vacation. We thought about cancelling it, but finally we decided to go for it. Now, just to improve our safety at home, I'm thinking about a surveillance camera. After some research online I came across the ones from TP-Link router here: https://www.cheap.forsale/tp-link . I guess they're quite cheap and easy to operate. I'm not a tech guy so these things are very important to me.

    Now I see they offer a variety of models and I don't know which one to choose. So can anybody please help me? Our house as a main entrance and another one at the back. So I would go for two separate cameras. I guess this is OK.

    And how do I access the cameras remotely? Is is easy to set it up? And how does it work if they detect something?
    Sorry for all these questions but I'm totally new to that matter. So any advice is highly appreciated.

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    Can anybody help me? Any suggestions?

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    Hello, if you look on websites like Newegg, Amazon, eBay etc you can find many wifi cameras with reviews. Check it out.


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