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    Where can I find visio stencils for tp_link SG Switches

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    Where can I find visio stencils for tp_link SG108E and SG1024 Switches?


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    Good question. I would like to have OmniGraffle stencils for switches and WiFi gear, too. So far I just used product photos for the stencils, but even then there are often no photos from the same angle for different switches and routers, which makes the stencils looking not so professional.

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    tp-link has several templates for the switches I mentioned but they are more like pictures with the other vendors you can select the port you like and it snap to it, while these are simple pictures. I'm surprised that TP-Link did so much of a poor job here since they have money and resources to build them. I think a minimum effort from them would have a great reward from their customers.


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