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    Question Forwarded ports not accessible over the internet on TD-W8960N

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    Hello everyone,

    I have two routers, A and B (TL-WR841N). A is where my ADSL is configured and B is bridged to A, repeating its wireless signal. I have a NAS connected to B via ethernet with DDNS setup so I can access some NAS apps on the go. After forwarding the ports on A I was able to access my NAS apps on the go from anywhere thanks to DDNS but I replaced my old router A with a TD-W8960N and even though both routers in my setup are tplink now port forwarding is not working as it should. I have setup virtual servers under nat for all the ports I need but for some reason I'm not able to see the apps outside of my local network. The weird thing is that 'service' ports for skype, bt, etc are being forwarded as expected some even automatically thanks to UPnP but I'm not able to connect to the app themselves from the internet. Not even the SSH ports are shown. When I go to my ddns url it seems that a barebone router UI is shown (http://i.imgur.com/RSVuobW.png) asking me to log in but once I enter my credentials it shows a lot of unavailable resources instead of the admin UI (http://i.imgur.com/3SNQC9A.png). It seems the router is not sending any kind of app data over the net but I don't know why if I'm forwarding the ports correctly. What is the problem? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Interesting, it seems that the port forwarding does work from outside my network using the ddns url but not while I'm inside of it (this does work using the local net addresses though). If I try to access the forwarded ports from my phone's internet service using the ddns url I do get the expected response but that isn't the case from inside my network, inside my network I have to use the local address. This didn't use to be the case with the old router, what could be the issue?


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