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    TL-PS310U multiple printers vs LPR Queue problem

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    I have a print server with 2 printers, using LPR queue... One is a matricial and the other is a laser.
    If a printer is offline, disconnected or in sleep mode, then the print server just redirects the job to the other queue/port, causing problems.
    The correct would be: If the queue is not available, the print server should ignore the job, and then the job should be retained in Windows Spooler until the printer become available again in the client system.

    Is there a way to correct this? A firmware update?

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    TL PS310U multiple printers vs LPR Queue pr

    Then why not report it in the plugins forum section?

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    I believe it's quite obvious: This topic isn't in the plugin forum, because it's not a plugin related issue... It's a Print Server question, a print server problem, and so it belongs to the Print Server forum..


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